How Many Ounces in a Quart ?

Ounces in a quart is calculated in two units, U.S quart (liquid) and U.S quart (dry).

For U.S Quart (Liquid)

There are 32 U.S fluid ounces in a quart (liquid).
1 U.S fluid ounce = 1/32 U.S quart liquid.

There are 33.306969 Imperial fluid ounces in a quart (liq.).
Approximately 1 U.S quart liquid = 33.31 Imperial fluid ounces.

U.S Quart (Liquid)Fluid OuncesSystem
1 Quart32 fl ozUS
1 Quart33.306969 fl ozImperial

U.S Quart (liq) to Fluid Ounces Conversion

1 qt = 32 fl oz U.S
1 qt = 33.306969 fl oz Imp.

For U.S Quart (Dry)

There are 37.236711 U.S fluid ounces in a quart (dry).
Approximately 1 Quart Dry = 37.24 U.S. fluid ounces.

There are 38.757564 Imperial fluid ounces in a quart (dry).
Approximately 1 Quart Dry = 38.76 Imperial fluid ounces.

U.S Quart (Dry)Fluid OuncesSystem
1 Quart37.236711 fl ozUS
1 Quart38.757564 fl ozImperial

U.S Quart (Dry) to Fluid Ounces Conversion

1 qt = 37.236711 fl oz U.S
1 qt = 38.757564 fl oz Imp.
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U.S Quarts (Liquid) to Fluid Ounces

U.S Quarts (liq.)U.S OuncesImperial Ounces
1 qt32 fl oz33.31 fl oz
2 qt64 fl oz66.61 fl oz
3 qt96 fl oz99.92 fl oz
4 qt128 fl oz133.23 fl oz
5 qt160 fl oz166.53 fl oz
6 qt192 fl oz199.84 fl oz
7 qt224 fl oz233.15 fl oz
8 qt256 fl oz266.46 fl oz
9 qt288 fl oz299.76 fl oz
10 qt320 fl oz333.07 fl oz
11 qt352 fl oz366.38 fl oz
12 qt384 fl oz399.68 fl oz
13 qt416 fl oz432.99 fl oz
14 qt448 fl oz466.3 fl oz
15 qt480 fl oz499.6 fl oz
16 qt512 fl oz532.91 fl oz
17 qt544 fl oz566.22 fl oz
18 qt576 fl oz599.53 fl oz
19 qt608 fl oz632.83 fl oz
20 qt640 fl oz666.14 fl oz
21 qt672 fl oz699.45 fl oz
22 qt704 fl oz732.75 fl oz
23 qt736 fl oz766.06 fl oz
24 qt768 fl oz799.37 fl oz
25 qt800 fl oz832.67 fl oz
26 qt832 fl oz865.98 fl oz
27 qt864 fl oz899.29 fl oz
28 qt896 fl oz932.6 fl oz
29 qt928 fl oz965.9 fl oz
30 qt960 fl oz999.21 fl oz
31 qt992 fl oz1032.52 fl oz
32 qt1024 fl oz1065.82 fl oz
33 qt1056 fl oz1099.13 fl oz
34 qt1088 fl oz1132.44 fl oz
35 qt1120 fl oz1165.74 fl oz
36 qt1152 fl oz1199.05 fl oz
37 qt1184 fl oz1232.36 fl oz
38 qt1216 fl oz1265.66 fl oz
39 qt1248 fl oz1298.97 fl oz
40 qt1280 fl oz1332.28 fl oz
41 qt1312 fl oz1365.59 fl oz
42 qt1344 fl oz1398.89 fl oz
43 qt1376 fl oz1432.2 fl oz
44 qt1408 fl oz1465.51 fl oz
45 qt1440 fl oz1498.81 fl oz
46 qt1472 fl oz1532.12 fl oz
47 qt1504 fl oz1565.43 fl oz
48 qt1536 fl oz1598.73 fl oz
49 qt1568 fl oz1632.04 fl oz
50 qt1600 fl oz1665.35 fl oz
51 qt1632 fl oz1698.66 fl oz
52 qt1664 fl oz1731.96 fl oz
53 qt1696 fl oz1765.27 fl oz
54 qt1728 fl oz1798.58 fl oz
55 qt1760 fl oz1831.88 fl oz
56 qt1792 fl oz1865.19 fl oz
57 qt1824 fl oz1898.5 fl oz
58 qt1856 fl oz1931.8 fl oz
59 qt1888 fl oz1965.11 fl oz
60 qt1920 fl oz1998.42 fl oz
61 qt1952 fl oz2031.73 fl oz
62 qt1984 fl oz2065.03 fl oz
63 qt2016 fl oz2098.34 fl oz
64 qt2048 fl oz2131.65 fl oz
65 qt2080 fl oz2164.95 fl oz
66 qt2112 fl oz2198.26 fl oz
67 qt2144 fl oz2231.57 fl oz
68 qt2176 fl oz2264.87 fl oz
69 qt2208 fl oz2298.18 fl oz
70 qt2240 fl oz2331.49 fl oz
71 qt2272 fl oz2364.79 fl oz
72 qt2304 fl oz2398.1 fl oz
73 qt2336 fl oz2431.41 fl oz
74 qt2368 fl oz2464.72 fl oz
75 qt2400 fl oz2498.02 fl oz
76 qt2432 fl oz2531.33 fl oz
77 qt2464 fl oz2564.64 fl oz
78 qt2496 fl oz2597.94 fl oz
79 qt2528 fl oz2631.25 fl oz
80 qt2560 fl oz2664.56 fl oz
81 qt2592 fl oz2697.86 fl oz
82 qt2624 fl oz2731.17 fl oz
83 qt2656 fl oz2764.48 fl oz
84 qt2688 fl oz2797.79 fl oz
85 qt2720 fl oz2831.09 fl oz
86 qt2752 fl oz2864.4 fl oz
87 qt2784 fl oz2897.71 fl oz
88 qt2816 fl oz2931.01 fl oz
89 qt2848 fl oz2964.32 fl oz
90 qt2880 fl oz2997.63 fl oz
91 qt2912 fl oz3030.93 fl oz
92 qt2944 fl oz3064.24 fl oz
93 qt2976 fl oz3097.55 fl oz
94 qt3008 fl oz3130.86 fl oz
95 qt3040 fl oz3164.16 fl oz
96 qt3072 fl oz3197.47 fl oz
97 qt3104 fl oz3230.78 fl oz
98 qt3136 fl oz3264.08 fl oz
99 qt3168 fl oz3297.39 fl oz
100 qt3200 fl oz3330.7 fl oz

U.S Quarts (Dry) to Fluid Ounces

U.S Quarts (Dry)U.S OuncesImp. Ounces
1 qt37.24 fl oz38.76 fl oz
2 qt74.47 fl oz77.52 fl oz
3 qt111.71 fl oz116.27 fl oz
4 qt148.95 fl oz155.03 fl oz
5 qt186.18 fl oz193.79 fl oz
6 qt223.42 fl oz232.55 fl oz
7 qt260.66 fl oz271.3 fl oz
8 qt297.89 fl oz310.06 fl oz
9 qt335.13 fl oz348.82 fl oz
10 qt372.37 fl oz387.58 fl oz
11 qt409.6 fl oz426.33 fl oz
12 qt446.84 fl oz465.09 fl oz
13 qt484.08 fl oz503.85 fl oz
14 qt521.31 fl oz542.61 fl oz
15 qt558.55 fl oz581.36 fl oz
16 qt595.79 fl oz620.12 fl oz
17 qt633.02 fl oz658.88 fl oz
18 qt670.26 fl oz697.64 fl oz
19 qt707.5 fl oz736.39 fl oz
20 qt744.73 fl oz775.15 fl oz
21 qt781.97 fl oz813.91 fl oz
22 qt819.21 fl oz852.67 fl oz
23 qt856.44 fl oz891.42 fl oz
24 qt893.68 fl oz930.18 fl oz
25 qt930.92 fl oz968.94 fl oz
26 qt968.15 fl oz1007.7 fl oz
27 qt1005.39 fl oz1046.45 fl oz
28 qt1042.63 fl oz1085.21 fl oz
29 qt1079.86 fl oz1123.97 fl oz
30 qt1117.1 fl oz1162.73 fl oz
31 qt1154.34 fl oz1201.48 fl oz
32 qt1191.57 fl oz1240.24 fl oz
33 qt1228.81 fl oz1279 fl oz
34 qt1266.05 fl oz1317.76 fl oz
35 qt1303.28 fl oz1356.51 fl oz
36 qt1340.52 fl oz1395.27 fl oz
37 qt1377.76 fl oz1434.03 fl oz
38 qt1415 fl oz1472.79 fl oz
39 qt1452.23 fl oz1511.54 fl oz
40 qt1489.47 fl oz1550.3 fl oz
41 qt1526.71 fl oz1589.06 fl oz
42 qt1563.94 fl oz1627.82 fl oz
43 qt1601.18 fl oz1666.58 fl oz
44 qt1638.42 fl oz1705.33 fl oz
45 qt1675.65 fl oz1744.09 fl oz
46 qt1712.89 fl oz1782.85 fl oz
47 qt1750.13 fl oz1821.61 fl oz
48 qt1787.36 fl oz1860.36 fl oz
49 qt1824.6 fl oz1899.12 fl oz
50 qt1861.84 fl oz1937.88 fl oz
51 qt1899.07 fl oz1976.64 fl oz
52 qt1936.31 fl oz2015.39 fl oz
53 qt1973.55 fl oz2054.15 fl oz
54 qt2010.78 fl oz2092.91 fl oz
55 qt2048.02 fl oz2131.67 fl oz
56 qt2085.26 fl oz2170.42 fl oz
57 qt2122.49 fl oz2209.18 fl oz
58 qt2159.73 fl oz2247.94 fl oz
59 qt2196.97 fl oz2286.7 fl oz
60 qt2234.2 fl oz2325.45 fl oz
61 qt2271.44 fl oz2364.21 fl oz
62 qt2308.68 fl oz2402.97 fl oz
63 qt2345.91 fl oz2441.73 fl oz
64 qt2383.15 fl oz2480.48 fl oz
65 qt2420.39 fl oz2519.24 fl oz
66 qt2457.62 fl oz2558 fl oz
67 qt2494.86 fl oz2596.76 fl oz
68 qt2532.1 fl oz2635.51 fl oz
69 qt2569.33 fl oz2674.27 fl oz
70 qt2606.57 fl oz2713.03 fl oz
71 qt2643.81 fl oz2751.79 fl oz
72 qt2681.04 fl oz2790.54 fl oz
73 qt2718.28 fl oz2829.3 fl oz
74 qt2755.52 fl oz2868.06 fl oz
75 qt2792.75 fl oz2906.82 fl oz
76 qt2829.99 fl oz2945.57 fl oz
77 qt2867.23 fl oz2984.33 fl oz
78 qt2904.46 fl oz3023.09 fl oz
79 qt2941.7 fl oz3061.85 fl oz
80 qt2978.94 fl oz3100.61 fl oz
81 qt3016.17 fl oz3139.36 fl oz
82 qt3053.41 fl oz3178.12 fl oz
83 qt3090.65 fl oz3216.88 fl oz
84 qt3127.88 fl oz3255.64 fl oz
85 qt3165.12 fl oz3294.39 fl oz
86 qt3202.36 fl oz3333.15 fl oz
87 qt3239.59 fl oz3371.91 fl oz
88 qt3276.83 fl oz3410.67 fl oz
89 qt3314.07 fl oz3449.42 fl oz
90 qt3351.3 fl oz3488.18 fl oz
91 qt3388.54 fl oz3526.94 fl oz
92 qt3425.78 fl oz3565.7 fl oz
93 qt3463.01 fl oz3604.45 fl oz
94 qt3500.25 fl oz3643.21 fl oz
95 qt3537.49 fl oz3681.97 fl oz
96 qt3574.72 fl oz3720.73 fl oz
97 qt3611.96 fl oz3759.48 fl oz
98 qt3649.2 fl oz3798.24 fl oz
99 qt3686.43 fl oz3837 fl oz
100 qt3723.67 fl oz3875.76 fl oz