How Many Ounces in a Pint ?

Ounces in a pint is calculated in two units, U.S pint (liquid) and Imperial pint.

For U.S Pint (Liquid)

There are 16 U.S fluid ounces in a U.S pint (liquid).
1 U.S fluid ounce = 1/16 U.S pint liquid.

There are 16.653486 Imperial fluid ounces in a pint (liq.).
Approximately 1 U.S pint liquid = 16.65 Imperial fluid ounces.

U.S Pint (Liquid)Fluid OuncesSystem
1 Pint16 fl ozUS
1 Pint16.653486 fl ozImperial

U.S Pint (liq) to Fluid Ounces Conversion

1 pt = 16 fl oz U.S
1 pt = 16.653486 fl oz Imp.

For Imperial Pint

There are 19.2152 U.S fluid ounces in a Imperial pint.
Approximately 1 Imperial Pint = 19.22 U.S. fluid ounces.

There are 20 Imperial fluid ounces in a Imperial pint.
Approximately 1 Imperial Pint = 20 Imperial fluid ounces.

Imperial PintFluid OuncesSystem
1 Pint19.2152 fl ozUS
1 Pint20 fl ozImperial

Imperial Pint to Fluid Ounces Conversion

1 pt = 19.2152 fl oz U.S
1 pt = 20 fl oz Imp.
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U.S Pints (Liquid) to Fluid Ounces

U.S Pints (liq.)U.S OuncesImperial Ounces
1 pt16 fl oz16.653 fl oz
2 pt32 fl oz33.307 fl oz
3 pt48 fl oz49.96 fl oz
4 pt64 fl oz66.614 fl oz
5 pt80 fl oz83.267 fl oz
6 pt96 fl oz99.921 fl oz
7 pt112 fl oz116.574 fl oz
8 pt128 fl oz133.228 fl oz
9 pt144 fl oz149.881 fl oz
10 pt160 fl oz166.535 fl oz
11 pt176 fl oz183.188 fl oz
12 pt192 fl oz199.842 fl oz
13 pt208 fl oz216.495 fl oz
14 pt224 fl oz233.149 fl oz
15 pt240 fl oz249.802 fl oz
16 pt256 fl oz266.456 fl oz
17 pt272 fl oz283.109 fl oz
18 pt288 fl oz299.763 fl oz
19 pt304 fl oz316.416 fl oz
20 pt320 fl oz333.07 fl oz
21 pt336 fl oz349.723 fl oz
22 pt352 fl oz366.377 fl oz
23 pt368 fl oz383.03 fl oz
24 pt384 fl oz399.684 fl oz
25 pt400 fl oz416.337 fl oz
26 pt416 fl oz432.991 fl oz
27 pt432 fl oz449.644 fl oz
28 pt448 fl oz466.298 fl oz
29 pt464 fl oz482.951 fl oz
30 pt480 fl oz499.605 fl oz
31 pt496 fl oz516.258 fl oz
32 pt512 fl oz532.912 fl oz
33 pt528 fl oz549.565 fl oz
34 pt544 fl oz566.219 fl oz
35 pt560 fl oz582.872 fl oz
36 pt576 fl oz599.525 fl oz
37 pt592 fl oz616.179 fl oz
38 pt608 fl oz632.832 fl oz
39 pt624 fl oz649.486 fl oz
40 pt640 fl oz666.139 fl oz
41 pt656 fl oz682.793 fl oz
42 pt672 fl oz699.446 fl oz
43 pt688 fl oz716.1 fl oz
44 pt704 fl oz732.753 fl oz
45 pt720 fl oz749.407 fl oz
46 pt736 fl oz766.06 fl oz
47 pt752 fl oz782.714 fl oz
48 pt768 fl oz799.367 fl oz
49 pt784 fl oz816.021 fl oz
50 pt800 fl oz832.674 fl oz
51 pt816 fl oz849.328 fl oz
52 pt832 fl oz865.981 fl oz
53 pt848 fl oz882.635 fl oz
54 pt864 fl oz899.288 fl oz
55 pt880 fl oz915.942 fl oz
56 pt896 fl oz932.595 fl oz
57 pt912 fl oz949.249 fl oz
58 pt928 fl oz965.902 fl oz
59 pt944 fl oz982.556 fl oz
60 pt960 fl oz999.209 fl oz
61 pt976 fl oz1015.863 fl oz
62 pt992 fl oz1032.516 fl oz
63 pt1008 fl oz1049.17 fl oz
64 pt1024 fl oz1065.823 fl oz
65 pt1040 fl oz1082.477 fl oz
66 pt1056 fl oz1099.13 fl oz
67 pt1072 fl oz1115.784 fl oz
68 pt1088 fl oz1132.437 fl oz
69 pt1104 fl oz1149.091 fl oz
70 pt1120 fl oz1165.744 fl oz
71 pt1136 fl oz1182.398 fl oz
72 pt1152 fl oz1199.051 fl oz
73 pt1168 fl oz1215.704 fl oz
74 pt1184 fl oz1232.358 fl oz
75 pt1200 fl oz1249.011 fl oz
76 pt1216 fl oz1265.665 fl oz
77 pt1232 fl oz1282.318 fl oz
78 pt1248 fl oz1298.972 fl oz
79 pt1264 fl oz1315.625 fl oz
80 pt1280 fl oz1332.279 fl oz
81 pt1296 fl oz1348.932 fl oz
82 pt1312 fl oz1365.586 fl oz
83 pt1328 fl oz1382.239 fl oz
84 pt1344 fl oz1398.893 fl oz
85 pt1360 fl oz1415.546 fl oz
86 pt1376 fl oz1432.2 fl oz
87 pt1392 fl oz1448.853 fl oz
88 pt1408 fl oz1465.507 fl oz
89 pt1424 fl oz1482.16 fl oz
90 pt1440 fl oz1498.814 fl oz
91 pt1456 fl oz1515.467 fl oz
92 pt1472 fl oz1532.121 fl oz
93 pt1488 fl oz1548.774 fl oz
94 pt1504 fl oz1565.428 fl oz
95 pt1520 fl oz1582.081 fl oz
96 pt1536 fl oz1598.735 fl oz
97 pt1552 fl oz1615.388 fl oz
98 pt1568 fl oz1632.042 fl oz
99 pt1584 fl oz1648.695 fl oz
100 pt1600 fl oz1665.349 fl oz

Imperial Pints to Fluid Ounces

Imperial PintsU.S OuncesImp. Ounces
1 pt19.215 fl oz20 fl oz
2 pt38.43 fl oz40 fl oz
3 pt57.646 fl oz60 fl oz
4 pt76.861 fl oz80 fl oz
5 pt96.076 fl oz100 fl oz
6 pt115.291 fl oz120 fl oz
7 pt134.506 fl oz140 fl oz
8 pt153.722 fl oz160 fl oz
9 pt172.937 fl oz180 fl oz
10 pt192.152 fl oz200 fl oz
11 pt211.367 fl oz220 fl oz
12 pt230.582 fl oz240 fl oz
13 pt249.798 fl oz260 fl oz
14 pt269.013 fl oz280 fl oz
15 pt288.228 fl oz300 fl oz
16 pt307.443 fl oz320 fl oz
17 pt326.658 fl oz340 fl oz
18 pt345.874 fl oz360 fl oz
19 pt365.089 fl oz380 fl oz
20 pt384.304 fl oz400 fl oz
21 pt403.519 fl oz420 fl oz
22 pt422.734 fl oz440 fl oz
23 pt441.95 fl oz460 fl oz
24 pt461.165 fl oz480 fl oz
25 pt480.38 fl oz500 fl oz
26 pt499.595 fl oz520 fl oz
27 pt518.81 fl oz540 fl oz
28 pt538.026 fl oz560 fl oz
29 pt557.241 fl oz580 fl oz
30 pt576.456 fl oz600 fl oz
31 pt595.671 fl oz620 fl oz
32 pt614.886 fl oz640 fl oz
33 pt634.102 fl oz660 fl oz
34 pt653.317 fl oz680 fl oz
35 pt672.532 fl oz700 fl oz
36 pt691.747 fl oz720 fl oz
37 pt710.962 fl oz740 fl oz
38 pt730.178 fl oz760 fl oz
39 pt749.393 fl oz780 fl oz
40 pt768.608 fl oz800 fl oz
41 pt787.823 fl oz820 fl oz
42 pt807.038 fl oz840 fl oz
43 pt826.254 fl oz860 fl oz
44 pt845.469 fl oz880 fl oz
45 pt864.684 fl oz900 fl oz
46 pt883.899 fl oz920 fl oz
47 pt903.114 fl oz940 fl oz
48 pt922.33 fl oz960 fl oz
49 pt941.545 fl oz980 fl oz
50 pt960.76 fl oz1000 fl oz
51 pt979.975 fl oz1020 fl oz
52 pt999.19 fl oz1040 fl oz
53 pt1018.406 fl oz1060 fl oz
54 pt1037.621 fl oz1080 fl oz
55 pt1056.836 fl oz1100 fl oz
56 pt1076.051 fl oz1120 fl oz
57 pt1095.266 fl oz1140 fl oz
58 pt1114.482 fl oz1160 fl oz
59 pt1133.697 fl oz1180 fl oz
60 pt1152.912 fl oz1200 fl oz
61 pt1172.127 fl oz1220 fl oz
62 pt1191.342 fl oz1240 fl oz
63 pt1210.558 fl oz1260 fl oz
64 pt1229.773 fl oz1280 fl oz
65 pt1248.988 fl oz1300 fl oz
66 pt1268.203 fl oz1320 fl oz
67 pt1287.418 fl oz1340 fl oz
68 pt1306.634 fl oz1360 fl oz
69 pt1325.849 fl oz1380 fl oz
70 pt1345.064 fl oz1400 fl oz
71 pt1364.279 fl oz1420 fl oz
72 pt1383.494 fl oz1440 fl oz
73 pt1402.71 fl oz1460 fl oz
74 pt1421.925 fl oz1480 fl oz
75 pt1441.14 fl oz1500 fl oz
76 pt1460.355 fl oz1520 fl oz
77 pt1479.57 fl oz1540 fl oz
78 pt1498.786 fl oz1560 fl oz
79 pt1518.001 fl oz1580 fl oz
80 pt1537.216 fl oz1600 fl oz
81 pt1556.431 fl oz1620 fl oz
82 pt1575.646 fl oz1640 fl oz
83 pt1594.862 fl oz1660 fl oz
84 pt1614.077 fl oz1680 fl oz
85 pt1633.292 fl oz1700 fl oz
86 pt1652.507 fl oz1720 fl oz
87 pt1671.722 fl oz1740 fl oz
88 pt1690.938 fl oz1760 fl oz
89 pt1710.153 fl oz1780 fl oz
90 pt1729.368 fl oz1800 fl oz
91 pt1748.583 fl oz1820 fl oz
92 pt1767.798 fl oz1840 fl oz
93 pt1787.014 fl oz1860 fl oz
94 pt1806.229 fl oz1880 fl oz
95 pt1825.444 fl oz1900 fl oz
96 pt1844.659 fl oz1920 fl oz
97 pt1863.874 fl oz1940 fl oz
98 pt1883.09 fl oz1960 fl oz
99 pt1902.305 fl oz1980 fl oz
100 pt1921.52 fl oz2000 fl oz