How Many Ounces in a Liter ?

There are 33.814022 fluid ounces in a liter for U.S. fluid ounces (fl oz).
There are 35.195083 fluid ounces in a liter for Imperial Canadian and U.K. fluid ounce (fl oz).

One liter is equal to 1 m-3.
U.S fluid ounce is equal to 2.957353 m-5.
U.K. fluid ounce is equal to 2.841306 m-5.
1 liter is approximately equal to 33.81 fl oz U.S.
1 liter is approximately equal to 35.19 fl oz U.K.

LiterFluid OunceSystem
1 L33.814022 fl ozUS Fluid Ounces
1 L35.195083 fl ozImperial Fluid Ounces

Liters to Fluid Ounces Conversion

Liter to Ounces
1 L = 33.814022 fl oz U.S
1 L = 35.195083 fl oz U.K
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One liter is also equal to one cubic decimetre (dm3) which is equal to 1000 cm3.

Liters to Fluid Ounces Examples

Liter to Ounces Conversion Chart

LiterFluid Ounces (U.S.)Fluid Ounces (U.K)
1 L33.814022 fl oz35.195083 fl oz
2 L67.628044 fl oz70.390166 fl oz
3 L101.442066 fl oz105.585249 fl oz
4 L135.256088 fl oz140.780332 fl oz
5 L169.07011 fl oz175.975415 fl oz
6 L202.884132 fl oz211.170498 fl oz
7 L236.698154 fl oz246.365581 fl oz
8 L270.512176 fl oz281.560664 fl oz
9 L304.326198 fl oz316.755747 fl oz
10 L338.14022 fl oz351.95083 fl oz
11 L371.954242 fl oz387.145913 fl oz
12 L405.768264 fl oz422.340996 fl oz
13 L439.582286 fl oz457.536079 fl oz
14 L473.396308 fl oz492.731162 fl oz
15 L507.21033 fl oz527.926245 fl oz
16 L541.024352 fl oz563.121328 fl oz
17 L574.838374 fl oz598.316411 fl oz
18 L608.652396 fl oz633.511494 fl oz
19 L642.466418 fl oz668.706577 fl oz
20 L676.28044 fl oz703.90166 fl oz
21 L710.094462 fl oz739.096743 fl oz
22 L743.908484 fl oz774.291826 fl oz
23 L777.722506 fl oz809.486909 fl oz
24 L811.536528 fl oz844.681992 fl oz
25 L845.35055 fl oz879.877075 fl oz
26 L879.164572 fl oz915.072158 fl oz
27 L912.978594 fl oz950.267241 fl oz
28 L946.792616 fl oz985.462324 fl oz
29 L980.606638 fl oz1020.657407 fl oz
30 L1014.42066 fl oz1055.85249 fl oz
31 L1048.234682 fl oz1091.047573 fl oz
32 L1082.048704 fl oz1126.242656 fl oz
33 L1115.862726 fl oz1161.437739 fl oz
34 L1149.676748 fl oz1196.632822 fl oz
35 L1183.49077 fl oz1231.827905 fl oz
36 L1217.304792 fl oz1267.022988 fl oz
37 L1251.118814 fl oz1302.218071 fl oz
38 L1284.932836 fl oz1337.413154 fl oz
39 L1318.746858 fl oz1372.608237 fl oz
40 L1352.56088 fl oz1407.80332 fl oz
41 L1386.374902 fl oz1442.998403 fl oz
42 L1420.188924 fl oz1478.193486 fl oz
43 L1454.002946 fl oz1513.388569 fl oz
44 L1487.816968 fl oz1548.583652 fl oz
45 L1521.63099 fl oz1583.778735 fl oz
46 L1555.445012 fl oz1618.973818 fl oz
47 L1589.259034 fl oz1654.168901 fl oz
48 L1623.073056 fl oz1689.363984 fl oz
49 L1656.887078 fl oz1724.559067 fl oz
50 L1690.7011 fl oz1759.75415 fl oz
51 L1724.515122 fl oz1794.949233 fl oz
52 L1758.329144 fl oz1830.144316 fl oz
53 L1792.143166 fl oz1865.339399 fl oz
54 L1825.957188 fl oz1900.534482 fl oz
55 L1859.77121 fl oz1935.729565 fl oz
56 L1893.585232 fl oz1970.924648 fl oz
57 L1927.399254 fl oz2006.119731 fl oz
58 L1961.213276 fl oz2041.314814 fl oz
59 L1995.027298 fl oz2076.509897 fl oz
60 L2028.84132 fl oz2111.70498 fl oz
61 L2062.655342 fl oz2146.900063 fl oz
62 L2096.469364 fl oz2182.095146 fl oz
63 L2130.283386 fl oz2217.290229 fl oz
64 L2164.097408 fl oz2252.485312 fl oz
65 L2197.91143 fl oz2287.680395 fl oz
66 L2231.725452 fl oz2322.875478 fl oz
67 L2265.539474 fl oz2358.070561 fl oz
68 L2299.353496 fl oz2393.265644 fl oz
69 L2333.167518 fl oz2428.460727 fl oz
70 L2366.98154 fl oz2463.65581 fl oz
71 L2400.795562 fl oz2498.850893 fl oz
72 L2434.609584 fl oz2534.045976 fl oz
73 L2468.423606 fl oz2569.241059 fl oz
74 L2502.237628 fl oz2604.436142 fl oz
75 L2536.05165 fl oz2639.631225 fl oz
76 L2569.865672 fl oz2674.826308 fl oz
77 L2603.679694 fl oz2710.021391 fl oz
78 L2637.493716 fl oz2745.216474 fl oz
79 L2671.307738 fl oz2780.411557 fl oz
80 L2705.12176 fl oz2815.60664 fl oz
81 L2738.935782 fl oz2850.801723 fl oz
82 L2772.749804 fl oz2885.996806 fl oz
83 L2806.563826 fl oz2921.191889 fl oz
84 L2840.377848 fl oz2956.386972 fl oz
85 L2874.19187 fl oz2991.582055 fl oz
86 L2908.005892 fl oz3026.777138 fl oz
87 L2941.819914 fl oz3061.972221 fl oz
88 L2975.633936 fl oz3097.167304 fl oz
89 L3009.447958 fl oz3132.362387 fl oz
90 L3043.26198 fl oz3167.55747 fl oz
91 L3077.076002 fl oz3202.752553 fl oz
92 L3110.890024 fl oz3237.947636 fl oz
93 L3144.704046 fl oz3273.142719 fl oz
94 L3178.518068 fl oz3308.337802 fl oz
95 L3212.33209 fl oz3343.532885 fl oz
96 L3246.146112 fl oz3378.727968 fl oz
97 L3279.960134 fl oz3413.923051 fl oz
98 L3313.774156 fl oz3449.118134 fl oz
99 L3347.588178 fl oz3484.313217 fl oz
100 L3381.4022 fl oz3519.5083 fl oz

Liters to Ounces Rounded Values

LiterFluid Ounces (U.S.)Fluid Ounces (U.K)
1 L33.81 fl oz35.2 fl oz
2 L67.63 fl oz70.39 fl oz
3 L101.44 fl oz105.59 fl oz
4 L135.26 fl oz140.78 fl oz
5 L169.07 fl oz175.98 fl oz
6 L202.88 fl oz211.17 fl oz
7 L236.7 fl oz246.37 fl oz
8 L270.51 fl oz281.56 fl oz
9 L304.33 fl oz316.76 fl oz
10 L338.14 fl oz351.95 fl oz
11 L371.95 fl oz387.15 fl oz
12 L405.77 fl oz422.34 fl oz
13 L439.58 fl oz457.54 fl oz
14 L473.4 fl oz492.73 fl oz
15 L507.21 fl oz527.93 fl oz
16 L541.02 fl oz563.12 fl oz
17 L574.84 fl oz598.32 fl oz
18 L608.65 fl oz633.51 fl oz
19 L642.47 fl oz668.71 fl oz
20 L676.28 fl oz703.9 fl oz
21 L710.09 fl oz739.1 fl oz
22 L743.91 fl oz774.29 fl oz
23 L777.72 fl oz809.49 fl oz
24 L811.54 fl oz844.68 fl oz
25 L845.35 fl oz879.88 fl oz
26 L879.16 fl oz915.07 fl oz
27 L912.98 fl oz950.27 fl oz
28 L946.79 fl oz985.46 fl oz
29 L980.61 fl oz1020.66 fl oz
30 L1014.42 fl oz1055.85 fl oz
31 L1048.23 fl oz1091.05 fl oz
32 L1082.05 fl oz1126.24 fl oz
33 L1115.86 fl oz1161.44 fl oz
34 L1149.68 fl oz1196.63 fl oz
35 L1183.49 fl oz1231.83 fl oz
36 L1217.3 fl oz1267.02 fl oz
37 L1251.12 fl oz1302.22 fl oz
38 L1284.93 fl oz1337.41 fl oz
39 L1318.75 fl oz1372.61 fl oz
40 L1352.56 fl oz1407.8 fl oz
41 L1386.37 fl oz1443 fl oz
42 L1420.19 fl oz1478.19 fl oz
43 L1454 fl oz1513.39 fl oz
44 L1487.82 fl oz1548.58 fl oz
45 L1521.63 fl oz1583.78 fl oz
46 L1555.45 fl oz1618.97 fl oz
47 L1589.26 fl oz1654.17 fl oz
48 L1623.07 fl oz1689.36 fl oz
49 L1656.89 fl oz1724.56 fl oz
50 L1690.7 fl oz1759.75 fl oz
51 L1724.52 fl oz1794.95 fl oz
52 L1758.33 fl oz1830.14 fl oz
53 L1792.14 fl oz1865.34 fl oz
54 L1825.96 fl oz1900.53 fl oz
55 L1859.77 fl oz1935.73 fl oz
56 L1893.59 fl oz1970.92 fl oz
57 L1927.4 fl oz2006.12 fl oz
58 L1961.21 fl oz2041.31 fl oz
59 L1995.03 fl oz2076.51 fl oz
60 L2028.84 fl oz2111.7 fl oz
61 L2062.66 fl oz2146.9 fl oz
62 L2096.47 fl oz2182.1 fl oz
63 L2130.28 fl oz2217.29 fl oz
64 L2164.1 fl oz2252.49 fl oz
65 L2197.91 fl oz2287.68 fl oz
66 L2231.73 fl oz2322.88 fl oz
67 L2265.54 fl oz2358.07 fl oz
68 L2299.35 fl oz2393.27 fl oz
69 L2333.17 fl oz2428.46 fl oz
70 L2366.98 fl oz2463.66 fl oz
71 L2400.8 fl oz2498.85 fl oz
72 L2434.61 fl oz2534.05 fl oz
73 L2468.42 fl oz2569.24 fl oz
74 L2502.24 fl oz2604.44 fl oz
75 L2536.05 fl oz2639.63 fl oz
76 L2569.87 fl oz2674.83 fl oz
77 L2603.68 fl oz2710.02 fl oz
78 L2637.49 fl oz2745.22 fl oz
79 L2671.31 fl oz2780.41 fl oz
80 L2705.12 fl oz2815.61 fl oz
81 L2738.94 fl oz2850.8 fl oz
82 L2772.75 fl oz2886 fl oz
83 L2806.56 fl oz2921.19 fl oz
84 L2840.38 fl oz2956.39 fl oz
85 L2874.19 fl oz2991.58 fl oz
86 L2908.01 fl oz3026.78 fl oz
87 L2941.82 fl oz3061.97 fl oz
88 L2975.63 fl oz3097.17 fl oz
89 L3009.45 fl oz3132.36 fl oz
90 L3043.26 fl oz3167.56 fl oz
91 L3077.08 fl oz3202.75 fl oz
92 L3110.89 fl oz3237.95 fl oz
93 L3144.7 fl oz3273.14 fl oz
94 L3178.52 fl oz3308.34 fl oz
95 L3212.33 fl oz3343.53 fl oz
96 L3246.15 fl oz3378.73 fl oz
97 L3279.96 fl oz3413.92 fl oz
98 L3313.77 fl oz3449.12 fl oz
99 L3347.59 fl oz3484.31 fl oz
100 L3381.4 fl oz3519.51 fl oz