How Many Ounces in a Gallon ?

Ounces in a gallon is calculated in two unit systems, U.S gallon and Imperial gallon.

For U.S Gallons

There are 128 U.S fluid ounces in a U.S gallon.
1 U.S fluid ounce = 1/128 US Gallons.

There are 133.227889 Imperial fluid ounces in a U.S gallon.
U.S 1 Gallon = 133.23 Imperial fluid ounces.

U.S GallonFluid OuncesSystem
1 Gallon128 fl ozUS
1 Gallon133.227889 fl ozImperial

U.S Gallons to Fluid Ounces Conversion

1 gal = 128 fl oz U.S
1 gal = 133.227889 fl oz Imp.

For Imperial Gallons

There are 153.721588 U.S fluid ouncesin a gallon (Imperial).
1 Imperial Gallon = 153.72 U.S. fluid ounces.

There are 160 Imperial fluid ounces in a gallon (Imp.).
1 Imperial fluid ounces = 1/160 imperial gallon.

Imperial GallonFluid OuncesSystem
1 Gallon153.721588 fl ozUS
1 Gallon160 fl ozImperial

Imperial Gallons to Fluid Ounces Conversion

1 gal = 153.721588 fl oz U.S
1 gal = 160 fl oz Imp.
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U.S Gallons to Ounces Conversion Chart

U.S GallonsU.S OuncesImperial Ounces
1 gal128 fl oz133.23 fl oz
2 gal256 fl oz266.46 fl oz
3 gal384 fl oz399.68 fl oz
4 gal512 fl oz532.91 fl oz
5 gal640 fl oz666.14 fl oz
6 gal768 fl oz799.37 fl oz
7 gal896 fl oz932.6 fl oz
8 gal1024 fl oz1065.82 fl oz
9 gal1152 fl oz1199.05 fl oz
10 gal1280 fl oz1332.28 fl oz
11 gal1408 fl oz1465.51 fl oz
12 gal1536 fl oz1598.73 fl oz
13 gal1664 fl oz1731.96 fl oz
14 gal1792 fl oz1865.19 fl oz
15 gal1920 fl oz1998.42 fl oz
16 gal2048 fl oz2131.65 fl oz
17 gal2176 fl oz2264.87 fl oz
18 gal2304 fl oz2398.1 fl oz
19 gal2432 fl oz2531.33 fl oz
20 gal2560 fl oz2664.56 fl oz
21 gal2688 fl oz2797.79 fl oz
22 gal2816 fl oz2931.01 fl oz
23 gal2944 fl oz3064.24 fl oz
24 gal3072 fl oz3197.47 fl oz
25 gal3200 fl oz3330.7 fl oz
26 gal3328 fl oz3463.93 fl oz
27 gal3456 fl oz3597.15 fl oz
28 gal3584 fl oz3730.38 fl oz
29 gal3712 fl oz3863.61 fl oz
30 gal3840 fl oz3996.84 fl oz
31 gal3968 fl oz4130.06 fl oz
32 gal4096 fl oz4263.29 fl oz
33 gal4224 fl oz4396.52 fl oz
34 gal4352 fl oz4529.75 fl oz
35 gal4480 fl oz4662.98 fl oz
36 gal4608 fl oz4796.2 fl oz
37 gal4736 fl oz4929.43 fl oz
38 gal4864 fl oz5062.66 fl oz
39 gal4992 fl oz5195.89 fl oz
40 gal5120 fl oz5329.12 fl oz
41 gal5248 fl oz5462.34 fl oz
42 gal5376 fl oz5595.57 fl oz
43 gal5504 fl oz5728.8 fl oz
44 gal5632 fl oz5862.03 fl oz
45 gal5760 fl oz5995.26 fl oz
46 gal5888 fl oz6128.48 fl oz
47 gal6016 fl oz6261.71 fl oz
48 gal6144 fl oz6394.94 fl oz
49 gal6272 fl oz6528.17 fl oz
50 gal6400 fl oz6661.39 fl oz
51 gal6528 fl oz6794.62 fl oz
52 gal6656 fl oz6927.85 fl oz
53 gal6784 fl oz7061.08 fl oz
54 gal6912 fl oz7194.31 fl oz
55 gal7040 fl oz7327.53 fl oz
56 gal7168 fl oz7460.76 fl oz
57 gal7296 fl oz7593.99 fl oz
58 gal7424 fl oz7727.22 fl oz
59 gal7552 fl oz7860.45 fl oz
60 gal7680 fl oz7993.67 fl oz
61 gal7808 fl oz8126.9 fl oz
62 gal7936 fl oz8260.13 fl oz
63 gal8064 fl oz8393.36 fl oz
64 gal8192 fl oz8526.58 fl oz
65 gal8320 fl oz8659.81 fl oz
66 gal8448 fl oz8793.04 fl oz
67 gal8576 fl oz8926.27 fl oz
68 gal8704 fl oz9059.5 fl oz
69 gal8832 fl oz9192.72 fl oz
70 gal8960 fl oz9325.95 fl oz
71 gal9088 fl oz9459.18 fl oz
72 gal9216 fl oz9592.41 fl oz
73 gal9344 fl oz9725.64 fl oz
74 gal9472 fl oz9858.86 fl oz
75 gal9600 fl oz9992.09 fl oz
76 gal9728 fl oz10125.32 fl oz
77 gal9856 fl oz10258.55 fl oz
78 gal9984 fl oz10391.78 fl oz
79 gal10112 fl oz10525 fl oz
80 gal10240 fl oz10658.23 fl oz
81 gal10368 fl oz10791.46 fl oz
82 gal10496 fl oz10924.69 fl oz
83 gal10624 fl oz11057.91 fl oz
84 gal10752 fl oz11191.14 fl oz
85 gal10880 fl oz11324.37 fl oz
86 gal11008 fl oz11457.6 fl oz
87 gal11136 fl oz11590.83 fl oz
88 gal11264 fl oz11724.05 fl oz
89 gal11392 fl oz11857.28 fl oz
90 gal11520 fl oz11990.51 fl oz
91 gal11648 fl oz12123.74 fl oz
92 gal11776 fl oz12256.97 fl oz
93 gal11904 fl oz12390.19 fl oz
94 gal12032 fl oz12523.42 fl oz
95 gal12160 fl oz12656.65 fl oz
96 gal12288 fl oz12789.88 fl oz
97 gal12416 fl oz12923.11 fl oz
98 gal12544 fl oz13056.33 fl oz
99 gal12672 fl oz13189.56 fl oz
100 gal12800 fl oz13322.79 fl oz

Imperial Gallons to Ounces

Imperial GallonsU.S OuncesImp. Ounces
1 gal153.72 fl oz160 fl oz
2 gal307.44 fl oz320 fl oz
3 gal461.16 fl oz480 fl oz
4 gal614.89 fl oz640 fl oz
5 gal768.61 fl oz800 fl oz
6 gal922.33 fl oz960 fl oz
7 gal1076.05 fl oz1120 fl oz
8 gal1229.77 fl oz1280 fl oz
9 gal1383.49 fl oz1440 fl oz
10 gal1537.22 fl oz1600 fl oz
11 gal1690.94 fl oz1760 fl oz
12 gal1844.66 fl oz1920 fl oz
13 gal1998.38 fl oz2080 fl oz
14 gal2152.1 fl oz2240 fl oz
15 gal2305.82 fl oz2400 fl oz
16 gal2459.55 fl oz2560 fl oz
17 gal2613.27 fl oz2720 fl oz
18 gal2766.99 fl oz2880 fl oz
19 gal2920.71 fl oz3040 fl oz
20 gal3074.43 fl oz3200 fl oz
21 gal3228.15 fl oz3360 fl oz
22 gal3381.87 fl oz3520 fl oz
23 gal3535.6 fl oz3680 fl oz
24 gal3689.32 fl oz3840 fl oz
25 gal3843.04 fl oz4000 fl oz
26 gal3996.76 fl oz4160 fl oz
27 gal4150.48 fl oz4320 fl oz
28 gal4304.2 fl oz4480 fl oz
29 gal4457.93 fl oz4640 fl oz
30 gal4611.65 fl oz4800 fl oz
31 gal4765.37 fl oz4960 fl oz
32 gal4919.09 fl oz5120 fl oz
33 gal5072.81 fl oz5280 fl oz
34 gal5226.53 fl oz5440 fl oz
35 gal5380.26 fl oz5600 fl oz
36 gal5533.98 fl oz5760 fl oz
37 gal5687.7 fl oz5920 fl oz
38 gal5841.42 fl oz6080 fl oz
39 gal5995.14 fl oz6240 fl oz
40 gal6148.86 fl oz6400 fl oz
41 gal6302.59 fl oz6560 fl oz
42 gal6456.31 fl oz6720 fl oz
43 gal6610.03 fl oz6880 fl oz
44 gal6763.75 fl oz7040 fl oz
45 gal6917.47 fl oz7200 fl oz
46 gal7071.19 fl oz7360 fl oz
47 gal7224.91 fl oz7520 fl oz
48 gal7378.64 fl oz7680 fl oz
49 gal7532.36 fl oz7840 fl oz
50 gal7686.08 fl oz8000 fl oz
51 gal7839.8 fl oz8160 fl oz
52 gal7993.52 fl oz8320 fl oz
53 gal8147.24 fl oz8480 fl oz
54 gal8300.97 fl oz8640 fl oz
55 gal8454.69 fl oz8800 fl oz
56 gal8608.41 fl oz8960 fl oz
57 gal8762.13 fl oz9120 fl oz
58 gal8915.85 fl oz9280 fl oz
59 gal9069.57 fl oz9440 fl oz
60 gal9223.3 fl oz9600 fl oz
61 gal9377.02 fl oz9760 fl oz
62 gal9530.74 fl oz9920 fl oz
63 gal9684.46 fl oz10080 fl oz
64 gal9838.18 fl oz10240 fl oz
65 gal9991.9 fl oz10400 fl oz
66 gal10145.62 fl oz10560 fl oz
67 gal10299.35 fl oz10720 fl oz
68 gal10453.07 fl oz10880 fl oz
69 gal10606.79 fl oz11040 fl oz
70 gal10760.51 fl oz11200 fl oz
71 gal10914.23 fl oz11360 fl oz
72 gal11067.95 fl oz11520 fl oz
73 gal11221.68 fl oz11680 fl oz
74 gal11375.4 fl oz11840 fl oz
75 gal11529.12 fl oz12000 fl oz
76 gal11682.84 fl oz12160 fl oz
77 gal11836.56 fl oz12320 fl oz
78 gal11990.28 fl oz12480 fl oz
79 gal12144.01 fl oz12640 fl oz
80 gal12297.73 fl oz12800 fl oz
81 gal12451.45 fl oz12960 fl oz
82 gal12605.17 fl oz13120 fl oz
83 gal12758.89 fl oz13280 fl oz
84 gal12912.61 fl oz13440 fl oz
85 gal13066.33 fl oz13600 fl oz
86 gal13220.06 fl oz13760 fl oz
87 gal13373.78 fl oz13920 fl oz
88 gal13527.5 fl oz14080 fl oz
89 gal13681.22 fl oz14240 fl oz
90 gal13834.94 fl oz14400 fl oz
91 gal13988.66 fl oz14560 fl oz
92 gal14142.39 fl oz14720 fl oz
93 gal14296.11 fl oz14880 fl oz
94 gal14449.83 fl oz15040 fl oz
95 gal14603.55 fl oz15200 fl oz
96 gal14757.27 fl oz15360 fl oz
97 gal14910.99 fl oz15520 fl oz
98 gal15064.72 fl oz15680 fl oz
99 gal15218.44 fl oz15840 fl oz
100 gal15372.16 fl oz16000 fl oz