How Many Ounces in a Cup ?

Ounces in a cup is calculated in many units, Metric cup, U.S cup and Imperial cup.

For Metric Cup

There are 8.453506 U.S fluid ounces in a metric cup.
1 metric cup = 8.45 U.S fluid ounces.

There are 8.798771 Imperial fluid ounces in a metric cup.
1 metric cup = 8.8 Imperial fluid ounces.

1 metric cup = 250 millilitres.

Metric CupFluid OuncesSystem
1 Cup8.453506 fl ozUS
1 Cup8.798771 fl ozImperial

Metric Cup to Fluid Ounces Conversion

1 cup = 8.45 fl oz U.S
1 cup = 8.80 fl oz Imp.

For Imperial Cup

There are 9.607603 U.S fluid ounces in a Imperial cup.
1 Imperial Cup = 9.61 U.S. fluid ounces.

There are 10.000005 Imperial fluid ounces in a Imperial cup.
1 Imperial Cup = 10 Imperial fluid ounces.

1 Imperial cup = 284 millilitres.

Imperial CupFluid OuncesSystem
1 Cup9.607603 fl ozUS
1 Cup10.000005 fl ozImperial

Imperial Cup to Fluid Ounces Conversion

1 cup = 9.61 fl oz U.S
1 cup = 10.00 fl oz Imp.
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Metric Cup to Fluid Ounces

Metric CupU.S Fl. OuncesImp. Fl. Ounces
1 cup8.45 fl oz8.8 fl oz
2 cup16.91 fl oz17.6 fl oz
3 cup25.36 fl oz26.4 fl oz
4 cup33.81 fl oz35.2 fl oz
5 cup42.27 fl oz43.99 fl oz
6 cup50.72 fl oz52.79 fl oz
7 cup59.17 fl oz61.59 fl oz
8 cup67.63 fl oz70.39 fl oz
9 cup76.08 fl oz79.19 fl oz
10 cup84.54 fl oz87.99 fl oz
11 cup92.99 fl oz96.79 fl oz
12 cup101.44 fl oz105.59 fl oz
13 cup109.9 fl oz114.38 fl oz
14 cup118.35 fl oz123.18 fl oz
15 cup126.8 fl oz131.98 fl oz
16 cup135.26 fl oz140.78 fl oz
17 cup143.71 fl oz149.58 fl oz
18 cup152.16 fl oz158.38 fl oz
19 cup160.62 fl oz167.18 fl oz
20 cup169.07 fl oz175.98 fl oz
21 cup177.52 fl oz184.77 fl oz
22 cup185.98 fl oz193.57 fl oz
23 cup194.43 fl oz202.37 fl oz
24 cup202.88 fl oz211.17 fl oz
25 cup211.34 fl oz219.97 fl oz
26 cup219.79 fl oz228.77 fl oz
27 cup228.24 fl oz237.57 fl oz
28 cup236.7 fl oz246.37 fl oz
29 cup245.15 fl oz255.16 fl oz
30 cup253.61 fl oz263.96 fl oz
31 cup262.06 fl oz272.76 fl oz
32 cup270.51 fl oz281.56 fl oz
33 cup278.97 fl oz290.36 fl oz
34 cup287.42 fl oz299.16 fl oz
35 cup295.87 fl oz307.96 fl oz
36 cup304.33 fl oz316.76 fl oz
37 cup312.78 fl oz325.55 fl oz
38 cup321.23 fl oz334.35 fl oz
39 cup329.69 fl oz343.15 fl oz
40 cup338.14 fl oz351.95 fl oz
41 cup346.59 fl oz360.75 fl oz
42 cup355.05 fl oz369.55 fl oz
43 cup363.5 fl oz378.35 fl oz
44 cup371.95 fl oz387.15 fl oz
45 cup380.41 fl oz395.94 fl oz
46 cup388.86 fl oz404.74 fl oz
47 cup397.31 fl oz413.54 fl oz
48 cup405.77 fl oz422.34 fl oz
49 cup414.22 fl oz431.14 fl oz
50 cup422.68 fl oz439.94 fl oz
51 cup431.13 fl oz448.74 fl oz
52 cup439.58 fl oz457.54 fl oz
53 cup448.04 fl oz466.33 fl oz
54 cup456.49 fl oz475.13 fl oz
55 cup464.94 fl oz483.93 fl oz
56 cup473.4 fl oz492.73 fl oz
57 cup481.85 fl oz501.53 fl oz
58 cup490.3 fl oz510.33 fl oz
59 cup498.76 fl oz519.13 fl oz
60 cup507.21 fl oz527.93 fl oz
61 cup515.66 fl oz536.73 fl oz
62 cup524.12 fl oz545.52 fl oz
63 cup532.57 fl oz554.32 fl oz
64 cup541.02 fl oz563.12 fl oz
65 cup549.48 fl oz571.92 fl oz
66 cup557.93 fl oz580.72 fl oz
67 cup566.38 fl oz589.52 fl oz
68 cup574.84 fl oz598.32 fl oz
69 cup583.29 fl oz607.12 fl oz
70 cup591.75 fl oz615.91 fl oz
71 cup600.2 fl oz624.71 fl oz
72 cup608.65 fl oz633.51 fl oz
73 cup617.11 fl oz642.31 fl oz
74 cup625.56 fl oz651.11 fl oz
75 cup634.01 fl oz659.91 fl oz
76 cup642.47 fl oz668.71 fl oz
77 cup650.92 fl oz677.51 fl oz
78 cup659.37 fl oz686.3 fl oz
79 cup667.83 fl oz695.1 fl oz
80 cup676.28 fl oz703.9 fl oz
81 cup684.73 fl oz712.7 fl oz
82 cup693.19 fl oz721.5 fl oz
83 cup701.64 fl oz730.3 fl oz
84 cup710.09 fl oz739.1 fl oz
85 cup718.55 fl oz747.9 fl oz
86 cup727 fl oz756.69 fl oz
87 cup735.46 fl oz765.49 fl oz
88 cup743.91 fl oz774.29 fl oz
89 cup752.36 fl oz783.09 fl oz
90 cup760.82 fl oz791.89 fl oz
91 cup769.27 fl oz800.69 fl oz
92 cup777.72 fl oz809.49 fl oz
93 cup786.18 fl oz818.29 fl oz
94 cup794.63 fl oz827.08 fl oz
95 cup803.08 fl oz835.88 fl oz
96 cup811.54 fl oz844.68 fl oz
97 cup819.99 fl oz853.48 fl oz
98 cup828.44 fl oz862.28 fl oz
99 cup836.9 fl oz871.08 fl oz
100 cup845.35 fl oz879.88 fl oz

Imperial Cups to Fluid Ounces

Imperial CupU.S Fl. OuncesImp. Fl. Ounces
1 cup9.61 fl oz10 fl oz
2 cup19.22 fl oz20 fl oz
3 cup28.82 fl oz30 fl oz
4 cup38.43 fl oz40 fl oz
5 cup48.04 fl oz50 fl oz
6 cup57.65 fl oz60 fl oz
7 cup67.25 fl oz70 fl oz
8 cup76.86 fl oz80 fl oz
9 cup86.47 fl oz90 fl oz
10 cup96.08 fl oz100 fl oz
11 cup105.68 fl oz110 fl oz
12 cup115.29 fl oz120 fl oz
13 cup124.9 fl oz130 fl oz
14 cup134.51 fl oz140 fl oz
15 cup144.11 fl oz150 fl oz
16 cup153.72 fl oz160 fl oz
17 cup163.33 fl oz170 fl oz
18 cup172.94 fl oz180 fl oz
19 cup182.54 fl oz190 fl oz
20 cup192.15 fl oz200 fl oz
21 cup201.76 fl oz210 fl oz
22 cup211.37 fl oz220 fl oz
23 cup220.97 fl oz230 fl oz
24 cup230.58 fl oz240 fl oz
25 cup240.19 fl oz250 fl oz
26 cup249.8 fl oz260 fl oz
27 cup259.41 fl oz270 fl oz
28 cup269.01 fl oz280 fl oz
29 cup278.62 fl oz290 fl oz
30 cup288.23 fl oz300 fl oz
31 cup297.84 fl oz310 fl oz
32 cup307.44 fl oz320 fl oz
33 cup317.05 fl oz330 fl oz
34 cup326.66 fl oz340 fl oz
35 cup336.27 fl oz350 fl oz
36 cup345.87 fl oz360 fl oz
37 cup355.48 fl oz370 fl oz
38 cup365.09 fl oz380 fl oz
39 cup374.7 fl oz390 fl oz
40 cup384.3 fl oz400 fl oz
41 cup393.91 fl oz410 fl oz
42 cup403.52 fl oz420 fl oz
43 cup413.13 fl oz430 fl oz
44 cup422.73 fl oz440 fl oz
45 cup432.34 fl oz450 fl oz
46 cup441.95 fl oz460 fl oz
47 cup451.56 fl oz470 fl oz
48 cup461.16 fl oz480 fl oz
49 cup470.77 fl oz490 fl oz
50 cup480.38 fl oz500 fl oz
51 cup489.99 fl oz510 fl oz
52 cup499.6 fl oz520 fl oz
53 cup509.2 fl oz530 fl oz
54 cup518.81 fl oz540 fl oz
55 cup528.42 fl oz550 fl oz
56 cup538.03 fl oz560 fl oz
57 cup547.63 fl oz570 fl oz
58 cup557.24 fl oz580 fl oz
59 cup566.85 fl oz590 fl oz
60 cup576.46 fl oz600 fl oz
61 cup586.06 fl oz610 fl oz
62 cup595.67 fl oz620 fl oz
63 cup605.28 fl oz630 fl oz
64 cup614.89 fl oz640 fl oz
65 cup624.49 fl oz650 fl oz
66 cup634.1 fl oz660 fl oz
67 cup643.71 fl oz670 fl oz
68 cup653.32 fl oz680 fl oz
69 cup662.92 fl oz690 fl oz
70 cup672.53 fl oz700 fl oz
71 cup682.14 fl oz710 fl oz
72 cup691.75 fl oz720 fl oz
73 cup701.36 fl oz730 fl oz
74 cup710.96 fl oz740 fl oz
75 cup720.57 fl oz750 fl oz
76 cup730.18 fl oz760 fl oz
77 cup739.79 fl oz770 fl oz
78 cup749.39 fl oz780 fl oz
79 cup759 fl oz790 fl oz
80 cup768.61 fl oz800 fl oz
81 cup778.22 fl oz810 fl oz
82 cup787.82 fl oz820 fl oz
83 cup797.43 fl oz830 fl oz
84 cup807.04 fl oz840 fl oz
85 cup816.65 fl oz850 fl oz
86 cup826.25 fl oz860 fl oz
87 cup835.86 fl oz870 fl oz
88 cup845.47 fl oz880 fl oz
89 cup855.08 fl oz890 fl oz
90 cup864.68 fl oz900 fl oz
91 cup874.29 fl oz910 fl oz
92 cup883.9 fl oz920 fl oz
93 cup893.51 fl oz930 fl oz
94 cup903.11 fl oz940 fl oz
95 cup912.72 fl oz950 fl oz
96 cup922.33 fl oz960 fl oz
97 cup931.94 fl oz970 fl oz
98 cup941.55 fl oz980 fl oz
99 cup951.15 fl oz990 fl oz
100 cup960.76 fl oz1000 fl oz