How Many Ounces?

You can learn how many ounces in various metric units for both volume and mass.
Please select a unit below to start.

Ounces Conversion Factors

UnitU.S Fluid OuncesImperial Fluid Ounces
Liter33.814022 fl oz35.195083 fl oz
Metric Cup8.453506 fl oz8.798771 fl oz
Imperial Cup9.607603 fl oz10.000005 fl oz
U.S Pint (Liquid)16 fl oz16.653486 fl oz
Imperial Pint19.2152 fl oz20 fl oz
U.S Quart (Liquid)32 fl oz33.306969 fl oz
U.S Quart (Dry)37.236711 fl oz38.757564 fl oz
U.S Gallon128 fl oz133.227889 fl oz
Imperial Gallon153.721588 fl oz160 fl oz
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